MIO Roof Mobile Anchor®
MIO Roof Mobile Anchor working mode

Transportation mode.

MIO Roof Mobile Anchor

Working mode.

MIO Roof Mobile Anchor Permanent

Temporary anchor.

MIO Mobile Roof Anchor® (MRA-800) (patent pending) has been designed and manufactured by MIO Mechanical Corp. as a free standing anchor for use in fall restraint, emergency escape and horizontal lifeline applications when working on a roof. This type of anchor is used where roof penetration is impossible or impractical. It works on a principal of friction between the anchor and the roof surface.
MIO® Mobile Roof Anchor is used on nominally flat roofs with a maximum pitch of 5º where it is impractical to install permanent anchors.
MIO® Mobile Roof Anchor allows fast and easy transport of the anchor to any part of the rooftop. Anchor incorporates collapsible design which allows for easy transportation and passage through any doorway or rooftop hatch.

  • Attachments: Horizontal lifeline, Retractable lifeline, Rope lifeline with rope grab
  • Capacity: 2 workers (310lb/ea)
  • Removable weights: 18pc (42lb/ea)
  • Total weight: 800lbs
Designed to be used in conjunction with a full body harness and lanyard to maintain a 100% tie-off.