MIO Deadweight Anchor and Systems

MIO Deadweight Anchor is a mobile, anchor point for use on roofs where rooftop cannot be penetrated.
The anchor can be equipped with adjustable lanyard, retractable lifeline, 3-Way Rescue and Recovery winch, tensioning device for horizontal lifelines.
Restraint Fall protection
Fall Arrest

Can be used on flat roof or roofs with slopes not greater than 5°.

•           Unit weight 800 lbs
•           18 steel plates 42.5 lbs. each
•           Rubber pads attached to plates improve adhesion to rooftop.

Deadweight Anchor
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Adjustable rope lanyard for restraint fall protection

Deadweight Anchor
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Anchor with MSE retractable lifeline.

Deadweight Anchor
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Anchor with MSE 3-Way Rescue and Recovery
Winch In case of a fall, this system can provide
rescue operation.

Deadweight Anchors for Horizontal Lifeline.

Two or more anchors may be used as anchor points for a horizontal lifeline system.  
Lifeline can be either cable 5/16” Dia. or rope 5/8” Dia.
Distance between anchors (span) cannot exceed 50”. Each anchor cannot be closer then 8 ft. to the edge.
Designed to be used with one worker for fall arrest or with two workers for fall restraint.

MIO Deadweight Anchor for Horizontal Lifeline
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