MIO® Bi-Directional Rope Grabs for Single Span Lifeline Systems


*Available upon request.
Models: 58-HRG-1 and 58-HRG-2
  • Designed to work on 5/8” dia. synthetic braided rope
  • Easily attached to any point on the horizontal line with quick-release pins, permitting easy movement along the line (model 58-HRG-1 only)
  • During a fall specially designed lanyard activates grab’s brake mechanism preventing further movement of grab along the line, thus preventing possible injury
  • Stainless Steel, corrosion-resistant design
  • Can be used on either horizontal or angled lifelines
  • Model 58-HRG-1 can be attached to any point on the horizontal lifeline
  • Model 58-HRG-2 is attached to a horizontal lifeline before installation.