MIO® Bi-Directional Cable Grab for Horizontal and Angle Lines with Intermediate Supports
Bi-directional Angled Cable Grab with Rollstar (Model: 53-ACGR) and Bi-directional Horizontal Cable Grab with Rollstar (Model 53-HCGR) allow workers to walk along the lifeline and bypass intermediate supports without a need to disconnect from the lifeline. In the event a fall, MIO Bi-directional Cable Grabs will prevent an uncontrollable slide along the lifeline preventing possible injury and ensuring workers safety.
  • Designed to be used on lifelines with multiple spans
  • Can be used on lifelines angled up to 45 degrees (Model: 53-ACGR)
  • Can be installed on any point on the lifeline
  • Stainless Steel corrosion resistant design
Model: 53-HCGR

Model: 53-ACGR

Model: 53-ACGR
Model: 53-ACGR